My Life Suspended
My Life Suspended
Bring it on! Just wake me up when it is over.
I did not come to resolve anything. I have come here to sing and for you to sing with me.
— Pablo Neruda
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FOOD. I love everything about it. It nourishes our body and our soul. It connects people. It brings back memories from our childhood. When I arrived to America, I was writing to and receiving letters from home. Every letter from my mother, grandmother, aunt, my cousins contains a recipe. I learned to cook from many of those letters. Food connections made me feel closer to home. I could feel like I was back home by recreating tastes and smells in my own kitchen. I wanted to pass down to my children what I've learned form my mother and both of my grandmothers. After I was finished with cancer treatments I often wasn't able to do anything else but to cook.

My recipes don't follow any particular diet. Most recipes that I'll share are from my home country of Slovenia, but I'd like to share other people's favorite recipes as well. Anything that evokes nostalgia. I believe balanced, organic-whenever-possible food, grown close to home, grown by local farmers, and in season, is best. However, the choice is yours.