Moving On

“Bodies in motion, stay in motion.”

-Newton’s First Law, also known as law of inertia.


Definition of moving:

The act or process of moving.

Ever feel you are stuck in your life?

Ever feel you are suffocating from feeling overwhelmed by events in your life you have no control over?

Ever feel like you are “drowning in a spoonful of water?”


You are not alone, and it is by no means a new phenomenon.  The expression to stuff a square peg in a round hole has been a conundrum for ages. The metaphor was originated by Sydney Smith in one of his lectures he delivered at the Royal Institution in 1804-06 on Moral Philosophy.

And what is Moral Philosophy or Ethics? It is a branch of philosophy that can be further broken down into its subcategories, but it encompasses basic principals of right from wrong, and in the case of applied ethics, it basically tells us what we are obligated or permitted to do in specific situations. And this is when it gets tricky. So the question is:

“How do we fit in?” to function in the society we live in. We are all created equal, but that doesn’t mean we are all the same.

The world around us is continually changing, and we are constantly evolving within our worlds we so carefully created. And just as we think we have things figured out, things change again. Here is the greatest truth of them all: “Nothing ever stays the same.” Today things are changing faster than ever, and we are trying like hell to keep up with all the changes. That can be very disorienting and often paralyzing.

So, how do we move on when we feel we are stuck?

I think the worst thing we can do is to work harder and longer doing the same thing. Sometimes the best thing to do is to STOP, WALK AWAY, and CHANGE COURSE.

Well, that’s easier said than done. I know! But unless we step away from things, we cannot get a better perspective on what actually matters in life.

So, just take a vacation, right? Ok, sounds good. If you are lucky enough, you’ll come back from vacation rested and recharged, and you will dive right back into the same thing all over again until you hit the wall. Holidays sound so glamorous until your flight is delayed, you are crammed into an airplane seat next to a screaming kid, so you start your vacation furious. You get to your destination, and you book a nice expensive hotel, and now they don’t have your room ready, or they have no room for you at all. Finally, you get to your room and it overlooks the parking lot and not the ocean…on and on. Vacations can actually be stressful, so you return home more frazzled then you left.

How do we find that ideal balance to take a break and come back recharged?

Life throws some greater obstacles at us, more often than not.

Sometimes it happens when we are doing what we love, sometimes it happens when it is entirely out of our control.

We get cancer. We get into a car accident. We get hit while on the bike. Our spouse is diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

What is your story?

How do you cope with life?

How did you readjust to your new reality?

How did you deal with fear, anger, and anxiety?

How did you find your new identity?

What did you do to move forward?

Share your personal growth experiences.


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