What would be a perfect day

Once upon a time I was just sitting around and contemplating what would be my idea of a perfect day, so this is what I conceived in my mind.


I’d wake up in a beautiful bay by the sea. No one around, we are far away from any town, far away from any people. Then my husband would hand me my morning coffee while I am still in bed in the back of our camper van. Our back doors are open and I’d be drinking coffee and watching Pelicans, Eagrets and Little Blue Herons looking for their breakfast.


The day would be windless, the water calm. I’d jump on my paddle board and of course my beautiful dog Monty would jump right on it with me. We’d paddle along the deserted shore, big old Cardon cactus forest hiding coyotes, snakes, bunnies, scorpions and other desert creatures just living out their lives in the wilderness. Above the Cardon forest this layer cake mountain range would be reaching up toward the blue sky and offer every hue of imaginable green, rose, gray earth tone the desert has to offer. I would round the top of the bay and come to shore. The temperature of the air would be just right to want to go for a swim. Naked of course. Just me and my dog. Water would be cool but perfectly refreshing. We’d frolic for a bit then lay on a pebble beach warmed by the sun to dry off and warm up. And since we’d be hungry, Monty and I would start paddling back to make breakfast. As we’d paddle back, we’d be distracted by a strange activity on the surface of the water on the horizon.

“Let’s go check it out Monty!” I’d exclaim. He would look back at me with his dopey expression:

”Sure, fine with me mom! I am just sitting here watching the water go by”

I’d paddle out toward the Island and towards the middle of the channel and the action on the water would turn out to be thousands of little Eared Grebe duck like birds diving and popping back up in unison. Monty would be alert sitting and watching with great interest:

”Should I jump in and get them? “ he would ask excitedly.

“No, lets just go back, I am sure Daddy is worried about us by now.”

“Ok, I’ll just lay back down. You go ahead and paddle back.” And so I would.

We’d come back, make delicious breakfast of eggs and fresh tortillas and avocados that are bright green and creamy and then we’d go diving for scallops to make pasta dinner with our very dear friends we’d be camping with. We would dive for a long time and we’d gather a bunch and then we’d sit on the beach and clean them and chat and laugh.


Then we’d make a fire, start with some appetizers of goat cheese and crackers and roasted Padron peppers. We’d sit around the fire after dinner and watch the stars late into the night. Well, late by Baja standards like 8:30 or 9:00.

And that would be it! That would have been my perfect day I conceived in my head.

What a mind can conceive, You can achieve! Everything is possible! Go think of a perfect day and claim it!

Peace to the World and A Happy New Year!

Alenka Vrecek