Yesterday was a good day. And it wasn’t because it was Valentine’s Day. That’s a made up and over rated holiday anyway. It puts pressure especially on guys who are damned if they do or damned if they don’t do the right things that are expected of them. But anyway, back to a good day. Sunrise accompanied by coffee delivered to bed by my lover and a kiss, sure is a nice way to start the morning. Then we went to Adelida’s for breakfast. Señora Adelida makes the best huevos rancheros and we like to support local people’s business. 

We then installed new lights upstairs. Well, Jim did, I was there more for moral support and to deflect his cursing.

From the upstairs room we saw the wind line moving closer and closer and the wind was building up. It’s gona be a good day for kite boarding! And it was, at least for me. Jim’s donkey loop came undone and that ended his session on the water. The new surf board that our friend Dirk Warner shaped, performed as well and better even as he described it would. I completed most of my gibes and boy, was I happy! They weren’t pretty, but who cares! I am finally starting to feel joy in this sport. It’s a good feeling. Chilled after kiteboarding, we then soaked in hot springs on the beach sipping beer. Well, no one can complain about that. 

Jim and his van are like a magnet for guys that want to talk cars. I love seeing him excited. He sure talks a lot when he wants to. So, this young guy, I’d say in his thirties, tattoos everywhere and Jim are just yapping away for an hour about all the things related to vans and traveling, and gas mileage and tire pressure on and on they went. Greg was his name and his wife are on their way to Alaska in their converted school bus all decked out with solar panels and it must be really nice inside. I started a conversation with Greg and he proceeded  telling about how he was injured. He was an army guy. Fought in Mogadishu, Afghanistan, Iraq and all over. While in Afghanistan, he fell off a platform and broke his back. He was flown to Germany and they had to remove his L5! He had to learn to walk again. He was also the first responder in NYC on 9/11. Many first responders died from “wildly toxic” dust after towers were pulverized and many more contracted pulmonary and respiratory diseases among many others and suffer from variety of cancers. Greg is no exception. He suffers from OCPD, has tumors in his lungs and his brain. A large tumor was removed from his neck just a year ago. Why am I telling you this? Well, if we think we have problems, and yes, we all do, but maybe our problems aren’t really that great. There is always someone out there who’s challenges are real and life threatening. Greg by the way, was fired up about life. Not one negative word came out of his mouth. No complaining. And he has plenty of reasons to complain. He soldiers on and he has big plans and goals. Now, there is an inspiration! We finished our day by dinner with just the two of us. Fresh tuna sashimi and Pargo fish tacos and margaritas. Yes, yesterday was a good day.

So, let’s look at our life and enjoy every moment that is given to us. Let’s just be grateful that we are still here, present in a physical body whatever shape and form, wrinkles, sagging body parts and all. We won’t be here for long. We need to Let go off our attachments and a need and longing to look and feel young. BTW, I discovered a cure for wrinkles and and all other body imperfections. I’ll tell you my secret later (maybe). Now I have to get down to the beach for some kiteboarding...


Alenka Vrecek