On Beauty

By now some of you are probably wondering what my secret is for looking great at our more advanced age. I promised I would tell you this in my last post. Wait till you hear what and how I figured it out. It’s really simple but I will hold the suspense until the very end like they do it on infomercials and then at the end you go and buy the potion which promises your wrinkles will be obsolete, your breasts will magically perk up, your butt will be smaller, your legs smooth and long and all that will bring you happiness. That’s the key to good life right!? Joy and happiness. How is all that possible you ask? Read on my friend. Your life will be changed forever. And, the best thing is, it will hardly cost you anything. Just a little effort and change to your daily routine that I will describe in the end. You will actually save money on the long run and you will thank me. So, what’s the trick you ask? Ok- are you ready? I discovered this new secret on our drive down to Baja Mexico a couple of weeks ago. We have this new fancy campervan with all the gadgets and gizmos. But there is one great flaw with this new toy of ours. It has no mirrors! The only one inside of the van is a small rearview mirror and the outside ones on each side of the drivers and co-drivers seat. Those are turned at such an angle that you can’t see yourself. First I thought to myself frustrated: “This just won’t do! We need some mirrors in this van." But then the days went by when we traveled and we enjoyed our trip and each other’s company, I noticed I didn’t care what my hair looked like. If I looked in the small mirror, I could only see a small fraction of my face. Soon, I didn’t care about that either. We camped on a narrow sand spit, ocean on both sides only a few feet away, sipping our margaritas and the last thing on my mind was what I looked like on the outside. It was how I felt like on the inside. Happy, content, devoid of any thoughts that are upsetting, away from politics and crazy news of the day. And here is the point I want to make. We need to spend more time taking care of our inner beauty and happiness. It doesn’t have to cost anything. If we feel good about ourself on the inside, how we look on the outside won’t matter so much. You know that truly beautiful people are the ones who project inner beauty, love and happiness. We won’t be so critical of new lines showing on our faces or dimples on our legs. So, go out, seize the day or as Horace put it long, long time ago:”Carpe Diem, quam minimum credula postero” and enjoy your life’s moments. Spend less time in front of the mirrors and if you do have to look at yourself, do it in a low light, perhaps at sunrise or sunset when light is soft and your face glows in golden hues. 

It’ll bring you beauty and happiness will be guaranteed- at no charge! You are welcome!


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