I lost my Husband

I lost my husband. He’s been missing for a while now. Can’t quite remember exactly the day he went missing, but I miss him terribly and every day, every moment. It starts in the early morning most of the days. That’s when we used to sit in a big chair upstairs in the sunny room of our home with a view of The Lake, Mtn. Tallack and Rubicon peak. Coffee mugs warming our lap, we were cozied up next to each other reading Sunday San Francisco Chronicle. He was reading the sports section, I was browsing through food section and we would fight over Mark Morford’s editorial. Golden retrievers at our feet. Can you picture it?! It was poetry. It was pure love. Then the Chronicle stopped coming. It was replaced, yes you know it, by online publications. Now he sits with a computer in his lap in his own chair. We haven’t sat in the chair upstairs since. You might as well cut off one of one my arms. But what really changed our marriage, was Trump. I just typed Frump- ha! It was by mistake but it looked funny. If Trump would be a funny word anymore. So, I lost my husband to Trump leading up to the election that changed not just our marriage and this country, but the entire world. I was looking forward to the election night so we can put the whole crazy circus behind us and get our “normal” life back with Hillary as the president. Well, we all know what happened that night. Some of us are still in disbelief. Here in our house politics consume us every day. Every morning my husband gets up to see what was the latest stupid thing Trump or someone in his administration said or did. Every day he hopes, well, we both do, that something will finally stick and he’ll be gone. We’ll be saved. The world will be saved. Nothing sticks. It’s gotten so bad, that my husband brings a computer to our bed to show me the latest Saturday nightlife or The Late Night show with Colbert or Jimmy Kimmel. Thank god for all those shows. They are saving our sanity by at least putting humor into this whole thing. If it only was funny though. 

We are now in our paradise in Baja. He promised he’d read books. We installed internet at our house. Big mistake. 

I miss my husband. Every day. Every moment. I  count the days till Trump is gone. I hope we all survive this madness. I know the paper version of The Chronicle won’t be back, but I can leave with that. I just want my husband back! I want us to sit in our big chair again, side by side with our golden retriever at our feet and a book in our laps. 

Alenka VrecekComment