Nature has patience, nature is resourceful, forgiving. As brilliant as us humans think we are, we are often not in tune with nature. We cut into it, we poison its rivers, dump trash and plastic into the oceans. On and on, we cause damage and yet somehow nature still keeps giving back. Let's hope that the damage we have been causing is not irreversible.  Nature is resilient but for how long? Civilization the way it is now, I am convinced will not survive. We have peaked a while back. When we, humans are gone in the shape and form that we know ourselves now, nature will adapt and recover. The vines will grow over the buildings, roads, factories, nuclear waste and endless dumps.

Pitaja cactus that blooms only at night is pollinated by bats who come to feed on the nectar of this glorious blossom. These cacti have been specifically adapted for pollination by bats. By building houses and clearing lots, we fragment natural environment and alter essential feeding and nesting grounds for bats and other creatures. We cut down a large Pitaya to clear part of our property the other day and now I feel regret. We call it our property, but is it? Doesn't it belong to the birds, bunnies, butterflies, insects, scorpions, and snakes as well as all the plants that took so long to grow in this harsh environment? Everything is connected here in the desert. Desert is an arid place and it’s a wonder how many varieties of plants and animals thrive here. And when it rains! The wonders of water. Just a few drops are enough to bring the desert to life. Oh, and the nights are magical. Millions of stars so bright blink back at you. I saw a spectacular shooting star the other night that ended right on the top of Venus. Like an exclamation point. Take that, you earthlings! Is what that shooting star yelled down at us from million lightyears away. And then in the morning, just as the light goes from inky blue to eggplant purple and then to deep shades of reds which spill into oranges and yellows. Reflection of indescribable colors splatters on the puffy clouds above the Sea of Cortez. Just when those colors play their symphony, millions of birds that winter here, start the symphony of their own. It always starts with one loud chirp. Like the conductor taping for orchestra’s attention. Then another chirp follows nearby and then just like on cue, hundreds wake up and burst and join in. The first movement of the symphony is Allegro. Then they ease into Adagio, taking their time. That’s when mourning doves step in and they announce the start of the Minuet. The final movement of the sonata announces the start of the day. Can you hear them?! The theme as always is food gathering, but they always take time to just sit on branches of Melone de coyote tree just feet from my bed and sing me a special song.


If we would just take time to stop and listen. With our eyes closed.  Deeply inhale sweet morning air. Contemplate a bit. Say thanks to this beautiful Nature, our ultimate teacher. Our ultimate goddess. Be grateful for the wonders of it all. 

Nature is competent and competence in anything is attractive. I can carry that sound of the symphony everywhere with me. It is imprinted in my heart and my soul from lifetimes ago. 

The gift arrives only when noticed. It comes in small things that are right in front of us.



Alenka VrecekComment