Yesterday was a good day. Do you ever have one of those days where everything comes together and you feel joy in your heart, body, and soul? It was one of those days for me and it was glorious. Now, let me tell you about it. 

It all started with coffee in bed delivered and accompanied with a kiss by my husband. Not a bad start wouldn’t you think!? Then Jim went on a bike ride. Alone. What’s good about that you ask? Well, little time alone to read, write and practice morning yoga never hurt anyone. Then Monty asked me to go for a walk along the beach. I willingly accepted.  The sea was calm, the water looked like oil without a ripple on it. I invited Monty to go for a morning swim. He willingly accepted. The water was delicious and we stayed in and swam an laughed. Yes, dogs can laugh! Finally, we came out, both exhausted and we laid down on a warm sand. We melted. I think I was asleep when Monty put his sandy paw right on my face. Gently. Time to go home, mom. I am hungry for my breakfast. So we did, with a warm morning sun on our backs. He heeled next to me all the way home. What a good dog! After a delicious brunch, yes I made it thank you very much, Jim left to go down to the beach to rig his kite. Winds looked steadier than anything on this whole trip so far. It’s going to be a good day for kiting. Finally! I finished writing my blog on Nature. That one took me a while for it to come together and it didn't come naturally. As I was waiting for the photos to upload, I fell asleep in the bean chair. Deep restful nap at noon. Monty and I walked down to the beach to join Jim and the rest of downwinder crew. I was to stay behind and kite alone while they went from Rasta beach to Playa Central on a 5 mile downwind kiting trip. Something we all love to do. Well, I am learning to love to do it. I was the designated driver to pick them up and the designated dog sitter. I was trying out a new strapless surfboard. I was nervous, as I’ve never ridden a board without any foot straps. It was a challenge to get on it at first,  as it kept moving away from me. I persevered. I missed the first jibe.  I missed the second jibe. This is not going well! I kept telling myself: “Just get used to the board, take your time, be patient, jibes will come!” Jibe # 3- success! Jibe #4- success. The first ones weren’t pretty, but they were there. 

I was getting it. I started carving my turns down the swells. After all the years of struggling with this sport, I am a finally feeling a little bit of joy!  As I was making my way back upwind, several manta rays jumped right in front and on both sides of me. I swear, one wing brushed my thigh. I screamed first as it startled me, and then instantly with joy.  From the top of my lungs. On my way back, the whole scene was repeated. Now I am on my toes. Light as a frigatebird cruising on the wings of the wind above me right about the same height as my kite. I was as high as a kite! 

And then, listen to this:  on my next pass, the whole school of flying fish jumped up in unison all around me and again, one of them hit me. Now I am hooting,  howling and screaming. This is so cool! From then on I am throwing jibes left and right and I was in the Zone. You know you are in the Zone when the time isn’t linear anymore. Time was all around me and I was in it. Immersed.  Suddenly I look around me and no one is on the water. I was alone.  Except for Mantarrayas, Flying Fish, Frigates, Ocean, Wind and the Sun. That's it!

Then I remembered I have to go pick up the downwinder crew. I landed my kite- successfully,  I carried the surfboard out of the water like a pro, got in the Bronco with Monty and popped open my bear. The joy continued. As I expected, they were all waiting for me at the beach at Playa Central wondering where the hell I was. “It was a good day!” I explained. They all knew what I meant!” Big smiles and beers all around. 

And wait, that's not all!  Impromptu dinner at our house was quickly decided for.  Padi and Joel brought yellowtail tuna and sliced it into sashimi.  It was a huge platter of it. I toasted some  Chilles Padron I scored at the farmers market,  David and Kari brought guacamole and chips, Dennis and Linda brought sliced fruit for dessert.  We were reminiscing about a great day and how truly fortunate we are to live in this paradise. Great people, great friends!

I fell into bed tired, content and I was still holding on to the joy of my day.

Now you know!

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